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In modern times the making of technical woods like plywood have changed far beyond what would have been thought of a decade ago. New generation woods have revolutionized the use of wood as a building material in homes, industries, transportation, agriculture, architecture to name a few. Our website attempts to bring together a range of products and services whose quality and excellence have been proven in the toughest testing ground, in actual application.

Time and again the Sarkar Plywood range of products have performed flawlessly even in the most stressful conditions.


The Sarkar Group has grown with innovative thinking and a unique business approach.


Sarkar Plywood Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1995 and is led by our Director Mr. Mustafa Sarkar and his son’s Mr. Adnan Mustafa Sarkar and Mr. Husain Mustafa Sarkar. The hallmark of the company is the quality standards maintained in whatever it manufactures. The group has diversified keeping in mind the growth in the domestic as well as the international markets. Our strategy is to produce the best quality and at the same time work towards support of environmental efforts like Forest Conservation and Pollution Control


We at Sarkar Plywood believe giving our clients not only quality products but even offering them best business relations and after sales service. The functions of our group are all directed towards the common goal. We produce a wide range of plywood’s which are unparalleled in strength and durability. Emphasis is being put in Research and Development. Sarkar Plywood has set the industry benchmark for quality, variety and service. The manufacturing process is natural and the products are the perfect choice of any architect or interior designer. Our plywood’s are the base for wonderful interiors in corporate offices, hotel lobbies, receptions, auditoriums, restaurants, furniture manufacturing, building construction and other civil works.


We at Sarkar Plywood value each tree as one of the nature's most precious gift to us, which is vital for our co-system. We therefore believe in using material that is 100% eco-friendly and under go no process that would harm nature. The Chemicals, Raw materials, Glue and every other substance used is made sure to protect nature in its own way.


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