Sarkar Plywood Vs Chinese Plywood

Chinese plywood is made using softwood like Poplar and Meranti. They have another quality, which they call combi, which is a combination of Poplar and Meranti. Both the materials are softwood but Meranti being red in colour gives a feel and look of hardwood. None of the above can be successfully or technically used in Formwork or exterior work.

Sarkar Plywood is made using 100% Rubber Wood. Rubber wood is a very high- density wood and is 100% Eco Friendly. It has excellent natural qualities like not being affected by any type of extreme climate. Moreover it is eco friendly and is legally sawn. Being high in density gives its very good compression and bonding.

Sarkar Plywood uses two layers of Face Veneer to produce any thickness in an size for Film Faced Plywood, where as all the Chinese plywood’s are manufactured without using any face veneer. Sarkar Plywood use’s Gurjan or Keriung which is again a Burmese Origin and technically a very good wood species.
We have supplied material to many countries for formwork and ship making. A 18mm(13 ply) Chinese plywood ‘combi’ or poplar plywood will no weigh more than 26kgs, at max 28kgs, whereas Sarkar Plywood’s 18mm(13 ply) weighs more than 36kgs.
Chinese use UF Resin, (you can test their samples) there will be either very less or no content of Melamine. Where as we make MR Plywood, which is also CWR (Cold Water Resistant).
In WBP Glue the Phenol content which the Chinese, Malaysian and Indonesian manufacturers use, have a content of 86.4% whereas Sarkar Plywood’s Phenol content is 94% +.
Majority of the Chinese Film Faced Plywood mfg. use local made 90gsm Film, which tends to crack in use, even the manufacturer’s who don’t use 90gsm, use 125gsm but local made. We import our 125gsm Film from DYNEA Finland and DONGWHA Korea.
Over all in looks the Chinese material looks good because it is made with less compression or pressure. eg. a 18mm plywood produced in China has a construction of 19mm which is then compressed in the Hot Press for 18mm. Sarkar Plywood is made with a pressure of 20kg/sqcm and our construction is 21.5


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